Weave an Irish Skib with West Wales Willows / Plethu basged Wyddelig gyda West Wales Willows

~~Learn how to weave an Irish Skib basket, traditionally used to drain and serve potatoes. Often made using colourful bands of willow and a beautiful “portcullis” centre in the base. Master a variety of techniques including a two-rod pairing weave, adding side stakes, using a three-rod wale and completing the basket with an attractive border.
This flat, tray-like basket can also be used as a bread basket and is perfect for beginners and those wishing to extend their knowledge.
Different coloured willows will be available.

Equip your kitchen: Carve a Spoon with Lee John Philips

~~All materials will be provided and the next day you’ll be cooking your eggs with your very own creation!
Lee has 14 years creative teaching experience, is co-founder of the Narberth Whittling Association, a member of the Association of Pole-Lathe Turners & Green Woodworkers and is a spoon carver and illustrator creating practical and contemporary utensils.
Join us for an afternoon of spoon carving where you will learn basic knife techniques in a relaxed and safe environment.


Cardiff! You’d better be ready for an evening of slightly excessive drinking, and a whole lot of truth about camel-toes, #metoo, why the Beatles were secretly girls, the Nineties, sexual shame, pornography, how - exactly - to be famous, and a very long anecdote about the first time Caitlin took Ecstasy – which she seems to remember she took in a way so sensible, she can almost imagine Newsround reporting on it, approvingly.

Blodau ac Wyau / Flower and Eggs

Ymunwch â ni yn y gweithdy galw heibio hwn i greu wyau Pasg addurnol hardd wedi'u gorchuddio â blodau papur tusw 3D. Gall y rheiny sy'n dod ar y daith ddefnyddio'u brasluniau i wneud y gwaith. Yn achos y rhai sy'n methu dod ar y daith byddwn yn darparu digon o flodau'r gwanwyn i roi ysbrydoliaeth!
Yn agored i bob oed a gallu
Mae'n rhaid i blant dan 12 oed fod yng nghwmni oedolyn
£3 y person
GALW HEIBIO - dim angen archebu

The Building Project - Exciting Free Workshops / Gweithdai cyffrous am ddim

Sat 16th Feb 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm
Thurs 28th Feb 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm
Fri 1st March 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm

The Extend Leadership Programme 2018-19 // Rhaglen Arweinyddiaeth Extend 2018-19

The Extend Leadership Programme 2018-19
Deadline for applications: 10am on Tuesday 3 April 2018

The Extend Leadership Programme is open to applicants working in learning and education roles in the arts, museums and libraries who meet the eligibility criteria.

Extend was developed in response to the under-representation of learning and education staff in leadership within the arts and cultural sectors. Now in its ninth year, almost 100 colleagues have graduated from the Programme from across the arts and cultural sectors.

Litmus Sharing Event

Join us for a full day of conversation and presentations to mark the end of Litmus Parts 1-5 and explore the programme’s possible futures. The event will include 3 presentations from Litmus artists AJ Stockwell, Neasa Terry and Paul Eastwood.

Special Wine Tasting Evening // Noson Blasu Gwin

Join Joel from Wright’s Food Emporium to taste (and buy) his selection of seasonal wines at Oriel Myrddin Gallery. And, while you’re here, browse our Makers Market of beautiful clothes, gifts, and foody treats.
Oriel Myrddin Gallery Church Lane, Carmarthen SA31 1LH. RSVP
Please drop into the gallery or call us on 01267 222775 to let us know you’re coming.


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