Mark John Maguire

Artist, Poet, Writer

I was educated at the University of Manchester, Swansea University and the Polytechnic of Wales, where I studied History, Philosophy and Intellectual and Art History (MA). I have lived and worked in Ireland, Germany and Holland and the UK as a barman, labourer, soldier, Aircraft sealer, Trade Marks Examiner, Ministerial Policy Adviser, Head of International Relations at the Welsh Office and Principal Private Secretary to the Presiding Officer at the National Assembly for Wales.

 I left the Civil Service in 2005 disenchanted with politicians and have since dedicated myself to art and writing. My paintings, as my writing, are personal and intense. The Night Traveller (MJ Maguire) was my first novel and was published in 2010. My art and writing say all there is to know about me.



  • Mark John Maguire