Grating Romantic Music (2013)

To celebrate 10 years of Valentines themed work.
I wanted to do something physical and decided to have a go at grating a record into a tin foil dish.  The first record was a copy of Romeo and Juliet.  Grating it into a tin foil dish proved to be much harder work than I thought and after a short test I decided that was enough grating..

The video is made from 5 photographs and 2 recordings. Watch it here, click the image.

Grated Romantic Classic

A Valentines Song (2011)

In 2011 I made this soft focus flexidisc nightmare


Valentines Memories (14/02/2008)

Valentine 2008

To mark the 5 year anniversary in 2008 I created this page to reflect on the previous years work, click the record label to play (requires flash player)

The same year I decorated the studio, did some webcasting and collated a number of videos into this playlist

A Love Story (14/02/2007)

Installation and performance in Pendre Art, Cardigan. 
Playing a collection of romantic records and some classic films through the day. 
It also included the first screen kiss and a number of public domain sex education videos.

Love Remembered (14/02/2004)


29 7" Valentines (2004)

I Cant promise Love
Waiting is stupid I know
the day is ending




I Begin falling
Perfect love is never need
be everything




Next time let love last
when do you fall under me
what, like I love you




I hold in my Heart
The little love you show me
what is it, true love




and the song of love
she loves to waltz in heaven
her want is a must




words help you love right
when makin somethin in red
in the stream of love


butterfly step of lady moon lovin puppy gotten three love islands in love whoopee love love love Somethings are here love

Remember Love… (14/02/2003)




I do everything (2003)
Haiku from Bryan Adams

Take the time, see all
And when you find love, tell me
tell me it's true worth


What you do to me
I can't help it, I want more.
You give Everything


Look into your soul,
for Everything true.
you will find your love


there's nothin' I do.
Look, Don't give me Everything
unless you want me.


no more sacrifice-
You can't love me more
I am mean - take life


There's nowhere to hide
Don't you search my heart for it
I search there for you



it's worth tryin' for
you tell me it's not dyin'
you're worth all my heart


I can't help it
for it's true
it's not there
All Search
nothin' there
as for you
do I fight
it's like fightin' will
I do - I do it
your eyes know
I lie
could you
would you
There's - the other way
you'll - And - not I
I do it -There's - into my
I would know
you Don't tell
it's not worth tryin' for
there's nothin' more
Ya would Walk
I'd die for Ya no no - I'd wire for - for - it for the
Ya know